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Since Jul 2008

Come with us to West Africa!
Have you ever wanted to travel to Africa to experience culture and to see the other side of the world? This excursion will be a journey of a lifetime! Main focus will be the traditional dances, music and lives of the ancient Malinke tribe, which is alive and well today!

This adventure will be hosted by Guinea born dancer & musician Moussa Diabate, alongside ethnomusicologist Amy Tunnell and yoga instructor, Amie Mignatti. We will ensure you have a trip full of adventure & life long memories!

Your stay in Guinea will be filled with the excitement of the rhythms and movements of West Africa. We will be staying in a remote village nestled in the mountains. We will also take excursions to the beach and have options for nature expeditions.

Capitol city of Guinea. There is much site seeing to do here including the Madina shopping market, which is the largest in West Africa for crafts, fabrics, and handmade products from all over West Africa. You can have clothing made or even personalized instruments!

A village of 8500 nestled in the mountains just 2 hours from the capitol of Conakry and a 2 hour drive from Bel Air Beach. There are waterfalls and mountains for hiking on excursions.

BelAir Beach:
A pristine beach labeled as one of the World’s most exotic beaches. Clear blue water and 7 Kilometers of white sand.

****Itinerary Overview:
Dec 16-Jan 4, 2017

D16: Arrive in Conakry, Guinea
D17-18: Conakry:
-Shopping, city site seeing, getting acquainted, Cultural education classes. This will be time to get to know others on the trip, to reset after long flights and to adapt to a new place!

7:00AM: Yoga with Amie
8-9AM: Breakfast
9:30-11AM: West African dance Class
11:30-5: Free time
(during this time included excursions will be planned. Examples include shopping, hiking, visiting tourist destinations nearby, and possibly local celebrations/ceremonies).
5:00-6:30: Drum class
7:00: Dinner

Belair Beach -Relaxing beach time!
-Yoga, dancing & drumming beach style!
-Let’s take a strole down the beach to find shells! Some examples of *independent* activities include: Snorkeling, kayaking, jet skis, paragliding, surfing.

-Shopping & packing to depart back to Conakry.

-Ring in the New Year in a new place! Doundounba Festivals, performances!!! Shopping, city site seeing, night clubs.
-Yoga, dance & drum classes offered.
-Scheduling may vary depending on festivals and performances happening.

Special Events!!!
Dec 25: Performance
Dec 31: Doundounba Party
Jan 2nd: Performance
***(A Doundounba Party/Festival is a community social celebration of drumming and

***Most drum/dance classes offered will be the local Guinea Malinke traditions. Some will be Senegalese***

*****Your Hosts:

Moussa Diabate:
http://moussadiabate.com/ (do not contact Moussa for questions. Contact Amy Tunnell)
Djeli Moussa Diabate has been one of the finest dancers with the National Ballets of Guinea and was artistic director for National Ballet Silimbo of Senegal for many years. He is a master dancer, drummer and musician and has toured Africa, Europe, Asia and the U.S.A.

Moussa is the son of the Chief of the Djelis, El Hadj Komba Ansou Diabate of Conakry, Guinea, who was a founding member of the National Instrumental Ensemble and composer of the Guinea National Anthem. Moussa is also a Griot (Ancient story teller…stories passed down through generations) from the great lineage of the Diabate Family from the Malinke people of Guinea, West Africa.

Moussa was taught the dance, music, storytelling, history and mythology of West Africa by his father, the “ Great Griot of Guinea”, and his mother, one of the first premiere dancer with Les Ballets Africains * Djeli, is a messenger of the African tradition. He or she is a historian, a teacher, and adviser and sometimes a healer, who strongly influences African Arts and Culture. As the author "Amadou Hampate Ba" wrote: "when a Djeli is dying, it's like a library is burning.”

Amy Tunnell
~Bachelors degree University of North Texas in Ethnomusicology
with focus on traditional African dance/music & it’s influence in
world music and dance.
~Study Abroad: Guinea with Moussa Diabate & in Ghana with Ethnomusicologist: Steven Friedson
~11 years W. African dance/culture study: Univeristy of North Texas African Ensemble 3 years with Gideoin Aloworie/Ghana;
Akiwowo independent dance troupe: 3 years: focus Mali and
Guinea traditions; Dance and study with Moussa
Diabate/Guinea: 4 years; Logo Ligi dance troupe with Maputo
Mensah/Ghana: 3 years; Dance and study with Fara Tolno/Guinea: 3 years; Dance and study with Malang Diatta/Senegal: 3 years; Dance and study with Djeneba Sako/Mali: 3 years; Salsa dance: 20 years; Capoiera-AfroBrazian martial arts/dance/cultural study/Canto de Galo: 1.5 years
~10 years: Zumba Instructor

Amie Mignatti
Europe contact
~6 year yoga instructor (Vinyasa Flow & Restorative) in Munich,
~Previously lived in Ghana, Lesotho and South Africa for a total of 5 years.
~Former West African Dancer at University of North Texas.

****Guinea Adventure Registration Information:
Dec 16, 2017-Jan 4, 2018

Included in Fees:
-Drum, Dance & Yoga classes
-Travel within Guinea
-Accommodations in Guinea
-Breakfast, dinner, and most lunches. (Lunch is provided when at home base. When out in
community, individuals are responsible for their lunch, such as on a shopping excursion in the city)
-Site seeing and excursions (scheduled)
………………..Ages 16 & up: $1300
..………...Ages 15 & under: $650

Costs Not included in Fees above:
(Each participant is responsible for these on their own)
-Airfare to arrive in Conakry, Guinea by December 16th, 2017 and depart Jan 4, 2018
-Passport (Need 6 weeks prior)
-Tourist Visa for Guinea (Apply by Nov 17th) (We can assist in obtaining)
-Vaccines (Yellow Fever required)
-Excursions not on schedule
-*Independent* activities chosen on Belair Beach (such as
-Some lunches in the community on excursions
-Any items purchased as souvenirs, etc.

Payment Plan options:
Deposit (non refundable)
……………………………...16 & up $450
………………………..15 & under $225

Once deposit is made we will divide the rest by the number of months left until departure up until 1 month prior to departure.

***100% Payment is due by November 15th***

More info. contact: Amy Tunnell:
Join my FB Group: Denver West Burbs Fitness & Dance

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  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba StepZumba Step
    License to teach lower body workouts using a blend of Zumba® routines and step aerobics.
  • Zumba ToningZumba Toning
    License to teach body-sculpting techniques using Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and build strength.
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    License to teach the custom-designed kids program that blends dance-fitness routines with fun games and high-energy music.
  • Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids JrZumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr
    License to teach the custom-designed kids program that blends dance-fitness routines with fun games and high-energy music.